Free Business Foundations Class

This six-week course walks through the basics offering the tools to complete a business plan and ensure their business idea is viable. You’ll meet in a small group with like-minded business owners working to build or expand their businesses too!

Workshop Session Topics:

1) Gaining Perspective:

Consider your business concept and where you begin.

2) Laying the Foundation:

Define line of business and analyze financial essentials, from overhead costs to your break-even point. These essentials will help you understand the importance of profit in your business.

3) Getting into the Flow:

Cover the  important financial essentials of cash flow, sales forecasting, and financial documents. Understand where your money is coming from, where it is spent, and where it should be spent.

4) Mission & Markets:

Create a Mission Statement for your business. Discuss market research and identify your competitors. Have a better understanding of who your customer is and what they may expect of your business.

5) Get the Word Out:

Discuss creative marketing strategies available for your business and give peer feedback on others’ marketing materials.

6) Goodbye & Good Luck:

Present your business plan to the class. Then plan your next steps.

This class is provided FREE in cooperation with North East Oregon Economic Development District and Lisa Dawson.  Funding is provided by Business Oregon through a Community Development Block Grant.  

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Why Do You Need A Business Plan?  

Think of it this way. When you plan a trip, let’s say to the Oregon Coast, it’s important to know where you’re going.

Will it be Lincoln City, Newport, or someplace else entirely? By choosing your destination you can then choose your route.

Are you taking the kids? You’ll need to make plenty of rest stops and chances for them to stretch their legs.

Do you want to sightsee on the way? You could check out the Air Museum in McMinnville or the Tillamook Cheese Factory, Yum!

What Does A Road Trip Have To Do With Your Business Plan?

Your business plan is like a road map, you set a starting point (where you are now) and an end point (where you’d like to go).

Everything in-between is up to you and can depend upon the type of business you have. Not all options will get you where you want to go because not all options will be relevant to your business. Like traffic, there are also factors which you have no control over. A business plan helps you account for these challenges so that when you face them, you’re prepared.

A Business Plan is the road map of your business. The clearer and more defined your plan is, the easier it will be to have everyone on board and the clearer your path to success will be!

Key Takeaways

  • Business Building Blocks

    One of the most important things you’ll gain from the class is more than just the business plan, but a more informed mindset.
    You’ll have a better understanding of the building blocks to be successful in your business, like what profit means to you and your business, and why it’s important.

  • Business Relationship Building

    Each class is filled with small business owners and entrepreneurs who are also on a journey. You’ll be able to get unique insights and even have the potential to build foundations for business collaborations.  Not only will the experience give you a road map for your business, but it will give you a whole group of people just like you who are cheering for you! The class is Free and is a great opportunity to meet like-minded business owners!

What Are You Waiting For?

The class is Free and is a great opportunity to meet like-minded business owners! Check out when our next class is starting and Sign Up!