Coworking Space

Where Will You Go To Get Work Done?

Maybe you have an established practice or you’re still building your business Maybe you need a space quieter than your current office to focus on your work or maybe you’re not ready to commit to a full-time office space..yet. Ignite’s Coworking or Shared Office Space may be the solution you didn’t know existed!

Is Ignite’s Coworking Space Right for you?

Coworking Space VS Traditional Office Space

A dedicated shared Office Space could be a great place for your practice or agency. Or if you’re working on your business idea and you want to be around other innovators.  

In La Grande an office can cost, on average, $500 a month to rent and many offices require a lease. Plus this doesn’t often include utilities or the Internet. That may be more than you’re willing to spend right now.  Coworking Space is a more cost effective choice that lets you get work done or even meet with potential clients. Our Monthly Coworking membership is $50 per month. That’s the equivalent of about 10 large coffees. Plus, with your Membership, the Coffee is on us.  

The Amenities & Features

At Ignite, You’re Not Alone!

Ignite is more than just a building or a space to rent. It’s a community of like-minded individuals all working to better themselves and their local community. You don’t have to build your business all alone!

We’re a place for Entrepreneurs, so it’s our mission to foster your growth. We do this by offering workshops focused on the challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners in our area. Besides being full of valuable information, each workshop is an opportunity to expand your network. Meet and build friendships with other small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our Goal At Ignite: The Three C's

Our goal is to support our local innovators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. To do this we focus on what we call:

The Three C's.

How can we help you achieve your goals today?


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