This grant program is available for businesses affected by COVID-19 that have been operating for at least one year and that are owned by or employ people with low-to-moderate incomes. Business owners need to provide information on how they are responding to the pandemic and their plans to remain in business for the foreseeable future.

All of the following are eligible to apply: 
  • Self-employed individual with low-to-moderate income 
  • Business with five or fewer employees  with a business owner who has low-to-moderate income (microenterprise) 
  • Business (including nonprofit) employing one or more employees who have low-to-moderate incomes  
FAQ: What is a low-to-moderate income?
The following table shows the maximum amount of income a household can have in order to qualify for this grant funding: 
Baker County 
  Union County     
   Wallowa County  
Household of 1 
Household of 2 
Household of 3 
Household of 4 
Household of 5 
Household of 6 
Household of 7 
Household of 8 
Access the application for this grant here.

Grants for microenterprises and self-employed individuals are expected to be a minimum of $2,500 and up to $10,000. Businesses employing workers with low-to-moderate incomes can receive $2,500 per qualifying employee.  

In order to demonstrate past operations, COVID-19 impacts, and low-to-moderate income qualifications, businesses will be screened based on their initial application. Additional documentation will be required as a second step for those who are likely to receive funding. 

If you don't qualify for this funding, see if any of these other grants at NEOEDD are a good fit for your business.

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