NE Oregon Business Fund–Businesses that received up to $100k of PPP and EIDL or other CARES ACT funding

This version of Business Oregon grant funds is different from previous offerings, because you may now qualify even if you have previously received PPP or EIDL monies from the CARES Act. If you received less than $100,000 of PPP and EIDL funds in 2020, and you have at least a 25% decrease in sales year-over-year, you may be eligible for this grant. You may also receive additional funding through this program even if you have received Business Oregon funding already this year.

Application is available here if you have not applied in the past
and here if you have received previous rounds of Business Oregon funding

Please read the qualifications carefully. Clicking on these links will bring you to a PDF to download.

A list of grants that are available can be found at the NEOEDD's COVID-19 Related Financial Assistance page.

If you are operating a sole proprietorship, please remit a copy of your Schedule C tax return with your application.  If you received other CARES Act funding such as PPP or EIDL, please submit the documentation requested in the application form with your application. If you have questions about completing the application, or need a printed copy of the application, please contact NEOEDD staff at 541-426-3598 or at the email addresses on the About NEOEDD page

PLEASE NOTE: The application that was provided by Business Oregon is a PDF, not an online form. It may not save your answers. We recommend testing it first. If it doesn’t save the form after you fill it out, try printing and then scanning and emailing the completed form. Or, print it out blank, write in answers, and scan and email, or mail. To submit an application, email to [email protected] . 

This Program was funded with CARES ACT federal funds administered by the Oregon Business Development Department.

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