The Destination Creation Course

Destination Creation Course

Retailers, restaurants and service providers have discovered the need to serve customers in a different manner. The 8-week Destination Creation Course helps businesses to reach new customers through product differentiation as well as digital means. The course is designed to help independent businesses and communities stand out and draw customers to them, increasing customer traffic from both local consumers and consumers from miles away.

The Destination Creation Course is being offered through NEOEDD and La Grande Main Street Downtown at no charge to local businesses. The course has is offered for $399 in other places. The course will be held Thursday mornings from 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. at Cook Memorial Library starting January 20 through March 17, 2022. All participants will be required to wear face masks. Register by January 18th! 

Jon Schallert is the only professional speaker teaching businesses and communities how to       turn themselves into Consumer Destinations. Jon developed his proprietary "Destination Business" process after interviewing over 10,000 independent business owners in nearly 600 cities, towns and downtowns. The workshop includes pre-recorded videos and live discussion facilitated by Lisa Dawson, a certified Destination Creation Course instructor.