In conjunction with the Union County Board of Commissioners, Union County Incident Command and the City of La Grande, the Union County Chamber of Commerce has received a shipment of 2,000 KN95 masks to distribute to any small businesses (50 employees or less) within the La Grande city limits.The supply of masks to distribute to businesses within the City of La Grande went to the Union County Chamber of Commerce.Businesses in all other cities will get their masks directly from the respective City Halls.

Masks are available to any businesses by calling (541-963-8588) or emailing ([email protected]) to arrange for pickup or delivery to aid businesses in compliance with new face mask regulations as well as to further promote the health, safety and wellbeing of fellow citizens and patrons.“We understand the financial and social difficulty the new requirements can be to the businesses and citizens within our communities,” Executive Director of the Union County Chamber of Commerce Suzannah Moore-Hemann said of the new regulations.“We’re incredibly grateful the Union County Incident Command identified the Chamber as an outlet to aid in getting masks out to the business and economic environment.”

“During these unprecedented and challenging times, we face, it is so uplifting to work together to support and promote the businesses and communities within and throughout the County,” Moore-Hemann added.Any small business with less than 50 employees in Union County is eligible to receive these masks, free of charge, for their employees, customers and clients by contacting the Union County Chamber of Commerce for La Grande businesses as well as their respective City Hall Offices.

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